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Just an update

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Horray Just an update

Post by Guapochalupa02345 on Wed Sep 28, 2011 12:25 am

Hey guys i haven't talked to the majority of you in what seems like forever, and i felt like a dick for that so i figured i just let you guys know what i've been up to for the past... 2 years or whatever the hell it's been.

Okay, so I've mostly been focusing on my music career for the past 2 years, as you know. It started out great but then i had some downfalls. I think i left you off with my first band with us getting started and stuff. We played minor shows for around 6 months (parties, school events, etc.) but then over the summer we started getting into higher scale gigs and that led us to experiment with the "rock n' roll lifestyle," which was way more than i could expect or handle. It's basically in a constant phase of nonstop happiness or neverending bullshit. So my best friend, our lead vocalist, got me into doing drugs and other such things, which i can't totally complain about because it leaves memories to look back on. In October last year i knew something was wrong with all of my band mates because they acted weird around me, so i predicted they were done with me, which i was more than correct about. Early December the singer and I got in a fight, thus ending with me leaving the band. I had spiraled into depression for a long time (I won't go into detail), and my 5 month girlfriend didn't seem to help either. In January, my friend invited me to a youth group he goes to where a band practices, so i went with my guitar, and ending up finding out one of the band members was an old friend of mine. So we hit it off well, though i never was really an official member of the band until August. I stopped going to the youth group for a few months because i never was really in the mood to. I started my own band fresh with some friends at school, but it never really went anywhere since no one was really interested.

Separate paragraph for summer Very Happy Okay, so the whole summer i was getting fucked over by girls to put it bluntly. But enough with that cuz there's no reason to head into that. In late June/early July i joined a metalcore band with my god-cousin which led me to a better start in my music career. Then in early August, my dad's friend offered me a show at a big party he was hosting, and i needed a band. So i went back to the guys from the youth group because we knew the most songs together. So now i have 2 successful bands and a possible 3rd i got offered to be in a few weeks ago. I'm following my dreams and it's been a great ride. Now that i'm settled a bit i figured i should talk to you guys again.

Stay sexy,

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Horray Re: Just an update

Post by bob8972 on Sat Oct 22, 2011 7:45 am

Ahhh Jonah, one of the oldest GF members. I miss you. I hope you're doing okay.

lol dead

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